New Horizon of Tax Compliance in Light of FATCA, OECD and BEPS - What Does it Mean for Israelis?

Stuart Schabes presented at an event sponsored by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel on November 26th, 2015 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

His presentation covered:

  • Impact on Israel Banks, Dual Citizens and Green Card Holders
    • Impact on Multi-jurisdictional transactions
  • Update on IRS OVDP and Foreign Streamline Program – Successful Non-Willful Statements
  • Impact of New Israel Tax on Trusts

Israel, U.S. Dual Citizens Urged to Comply With Dual Reporting Requirements

Ober|Kaler Tax attorney Stuart Schabes speaks with Jenny David, of International Tax Monitor Bulletin about the offshore voluntary disclosure program.

Read the full article [PDF]

FATCA-2013 and Beyond

December 18, 2012

Tax lawyer Stuart Schabes co-presented “FATCA – 2013 and Beyond” at The Perfect Storm: US Tax Legislation and IRS Compliance 2013, a program hosted by Philip Stein & Associates and ERM.

The discussion included:

  • FATCA introduction
    • Current Climate of Aggressive IRS
    • What does FATCA compliance mean?
  • The scope
    • Joint statements and bilateral agreements
    • United Kingdom and Switzerland
  • The details
    • What is required?
    • Timelines
  • Israel and what’s next
    • Israel-US FATCA agreement and Israeli financial institutions’ response
    • Current US enforcement efforts
    • “Son-of-FATCA”

View the Presentation [.pdf]